in love with simon lewis
grace (she/her); too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
She Had The World
Panic! At The Disco
Pretty. Odd.


she had the world // panic! at the disco

But who could love me?
I am out of my mind
Throwing a line out to sea
To see if I can catch a dream


*aggressively stabs at each individual letter when retyping password*

"Logan in real life is a very confident young man and I thought he’d be good to play Patrick because he’s also very funny. I said, “Hey, why don’t you audition for Patrick?” And he said, “No, I want to audition for Charlie.” I was surprised by that, but I said, "OK. I believe in following an actor’s passion, so if that’s what you want, I’ll be supportive. Let’s do it." And he came in and he nailed it in five seconds because he had the balance of every characteristic that Charlie had, and everything that I wanted the character to be for the movie." — Stephen Chbosky

WAIT A SECOND IS??????????????NATASHA LYONNE??????????STRAIGHT??????????????????

Natasha Lyonne

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